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We’ll help every step of the way with website development, content creation, & digital strategy for public speakers, consultants, & authors.

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It’s impossible to know it all. But we’d like to get as close as possible. This eBook is where we share our knowledge and industry best-practices. Also, it’s totally free and grows over time.

Sparkworth Website Development

The foundation of any influencer-style profession is a professional, high-quality website.
Your fans found you, but how much are they willing to pay? Increase your booking fees with a website with serious conversion power. Answer five questions and we’ll have a site ready for you within 7 business days. The price will blow your mind.

Sparkworth Content Creation

If your content isn’t on point, the quality of your website won’t matter. Let’s fill it with some awesome and useful stuff, shall we?
Ready to make your mark on the world? Share your expertise through blogs, books, or podcasts. Increase your visibility and drive traffic to your site. You provide the expertise, we’ll take care of the rest. We help write books too!

Sparkworth Digital Strategy

The final piece of the puzzle to distribute your content to drive traffic and results.
Who what when and where. We’ll answer those questions and then some. Get set up on social media, dive into paid ads, get jiggy on search engines, and build a power-house email list. We will do all the heavy lifting.

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Two minutes or less or your pizza is free.

Did you know?

Sparkworth is female founded and run by a super-fun married couple, Cole and Sarah Jo Crawford.

Did you know?

Sparkworth is female-founded and run by a super-fun married couple, Cole and Sarah Jo Crawford.

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Hey! It's Sarah Jo. I'm the designer/writer/founder. I like to get on the phone as quickly as possible. Email just doesn't do it for me. Give me a call at 816.288.1281 or schedule a call. Either way, I wanna hear your voice, hopes, and dreams.

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Want something free?

Like, no email required free.

Want something free?

Like, no email required free.