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You’re a public speaker.

And you’re good at it. People pay you money, like real money, to share your expertise. That’s so cool. But you know what’s not cool?
  • Low paying speaking gigs that drain your energy and time.
  • Marketing efforts that just aren’t turning into new gigs.
  • Haphazardly building a website you hate during layovers.
  • Writing content that goes unnoticed while your competitors rake in billions of likes (ok, maybe not billions).

You’re ready for something different

You’re ready for

  • More responses from event planners prepared to pay you a higher fee.
  • Increased demand. Event planners seeking YOU out.
  • Less time fiddling with a website.
  • An audience (and reach) always growing online.
  • Consistent and predictable bookings

Sound nice?

Of course, it does, you’re a sane person. And if you’re ready to leave the low-paying crap behind, it’s time to perfect your pitch package.

Your pitch package is more than just a website

It’s how you communicate with your audience long after you’ve left the stage. It’s not about “doing social media” or “having a website” it’s about creating an experience each and every time your audience interacts with you.

It’s the consistent messaging and tools that prove your value to the people booking speakers.

It’s time to create a brand you’re proud to pitch with a partner who gets you.


The Pitch Perfect Package

Together, we’re going to make long-term marketing assets that pay themselves off. We’ll create the materials you need to nail every pitch. We’ll visualize a future where you travel to speak as often or as little as you want. The work we do together includes…
  • A branding assessment and upgrade, including video, imagery, and logo treatment
  • A totally custom website designed to deliver results for you, the professional speaker
  • The perfect online speaker kit to WOW event planners
  • Analytics and insights dashboard to measure success
  • Tutorials and walk-throughs of your new website
  • Message refinement and copywriting strategy (perfecting your content online is a delicate dance!)
  • Templates and tech for audience management (turning your audience into future business!)
  • Content strategy designed for your unique working style
  • Plan for growing your online audience without needing to become Instafamous
  • Step-by-step guidance through the three-month process and for three months thereafter. Six months together total
  • Recordings, notes, recaps, and action items from every meeting
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Let's put some proof in this pudding

How it works

It’s more than marketing materials, it’s the coaching and guidance you need to pull it all together.

We’ll be working together in a few ways. For the first 90 days…

1. You’ll hang out with us and we’ll dig deep into your analytics and existing strategy, as well as your goals and past obstacles. This phase will include phone calls and video recordings of us explaining and dissecting our findings.

2. We’ll begin crafting or refreshing your brand assets and the “look and feel” of your new site, all with the goal of getting you better paying speaking engagements.

3. Sarah Jo will build your new website and marketing materials in just two short weeks

4. We will work collaboratively to develop your content strategy that fits your message and your lifestyle. This isn’t just a document, but a full list of hashtags, tricks, posting schedule, and specifics of HOW you will generate content AS WELL AS several pieces of content, written by yours truly, to kick things off.

5. With your assets in place, we’ll craft your pitching strategy and online growth plan.

And for the following 90 days…

We’ll talk once a month, revisiting and revising your success thus far.

And the investment?

We can all agree this is going to cost some money. You will 100% need to invest in quality support if you expect your marketing materials to work. Alongside everything mentioned above, this investment includes...
  • Priority scheduling. You’ll have access to Sarah Jo within 24 hours and always have a spot on my schedule.
  • Client privileges. Your business is my business, I’m invested in your long-term growth, not just on building a singular marketing asset.
  • The inside scoop. As a speaker myself, I’m plugged into the community and am constantly harvesting best-practices across the industry. Think of me as your spy-on-the-inside.

If you prefer to pay up-front, the cost of the Pitch-Perfect package is $6,999. This includes over 10 strategy calls (valued at $2,000), a customized website (valued at $3,500) and a content/pitching/growth strategy (valued at $3,500).

P.S. Payment plans are available!

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