Website Development & Turnkey Sites

Affordable and effortless turnkey websites for public speakers, authors, and consultants

Website Development & Turnkey Sites

Affordable and effortless turnkey websites for public speakers, authors, and consultants

Gorgeous Design

backed by powerful strategy and analytics that grows with you.


Never touch code. One questionnaire and your job is done.


Put your best foot forward on any device.

Here’s what you get

Every turnkey site comes standard with…

✓ Customized & fully responsive website

✓ No deposit required, only pay when the site is up to your standard.

✓ Unlimited content updates

✓ Monthly analytics reports

✓ 24/7 security monitoring & cleanup

✓ Professional, friendly support with a real human

✓ Performance & search engine optimization

✓ Integrates with….well basically everything. Mailchimp, Sales Force, you name it.

Here’s how you get it

✓ Fill out a questionnaire

✓ Review your site

✓ Setup your subscription

✓ Get back to work

Pricing & Plans

All plans paid for over 12-month period can be upgraded, customized, and downgraded at any time. Plans are determined by number of pages. Wait, but why?


Ideal for book sales

  • One-page customized landing page
  • Contact form
  • Buy Now buttons


first 12 months


Ideal for professional speakers

  • Eight-page customized website
  • Email opt-in
  • Contact form
  • Booking form
  • Buy Now button


first 12 months


Ideal for consultants, workshop facilitators, and growing speakers

  • 20-page customized website
  • Email opt-ins
  • Contact forms
  • Booking forms
  • Gated Content


first 12 months

Caryn Sterling

Graphic Recorder and Illustrator
Drawing Insight



Caryn is a classic example of a matured website. As Caryn’s business and influence grew, she realized her current site just wasn’t doing her justice. With her expertise and vast portfolio of work, creating a new site for her was a joy and a pleasure.

This biggest change for Caryn was creating a professional look and feel for her somewhat “whimsical” work. A new logo, a video background, and an emphasis on benefit-focused copy created a mature and classy home for her recordings.

LT. Colonel Kevin Sweeney

Keynote Speaker, Business Executive, Combat Pilot, and Author



Talk about an exciting redesign! Kevin has an incredible story that just wasn’t receiving enough attention on his previous site.

Using his powerful imagery, a new logo, and updated headshots, we were able to create an SEO-optimized and beautiful site worthy of his accomplishments. And in case it’s not clear, Kevin landed an airplane without half the enginges necessary to fly. Talk to Kevin if you want to excel under some serious pressure.

Diana Kander

Director of Innovation Culture &  Habits



Diana’s redesign was a big jump towards impact. A strong presence was the name of the game and she knocked it out of the park with the stunning, and rather impressive, wide-angle audience shot.

From there, we created a clear hierarchy, highlighting her work as a professional speaker through videos and testimonials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a good option for me?
It might be!

If you’re a public speaker, author, or thought leader who doesn’t have the time to build your own site, the money to hire an agency, or the desire to communicate with a developer, you are an excellent candidate for a turnkey site.

Why are plans determined by number of pages?
The two biggest costs of websites come from overall size —typically determined by the number of page sizes and amount of content— as well as managing forms, integrations, and funnel creation.

By lowering the price for fewer pages, your site will accomplish your specific goals without doing a smidge more than you need.

Wanna add more pages later? No worries, each additional page costs $50 a month, OR you can upgrade to the Keynote plan.

With those costs accounted for, we can build you an effective, powerful, and beautiful site no matter the size you choose. No need to request a quote or deal with proposals. The price you see here is the price you will pay.

If you’re a public speaker, author, or thought leader who doesn’t have the time to build your own site, the money to hire an agency, or the desire to communicate with a developer, you are an excellent candidate for a turnkey site.

What happens when my 12 months are up?
Your site is yours! Ownership and hosting fees will be passed off to you. If you’d like continue the service you received from Sparkworth, you can continue to leave site maintenance and updates to us for 50% less than you paid the first 12 months.

Now, if you decide to take onwership of your site and later determine you’d like to move it back with Sparkworth, there will be a small fee to cover the cost of the switch back.

Why a monthly fee instead of a one-time payment?
Websites can be expensive! We want to provide the highest quality website to our clients without draining their budget or time. For many, investing thousands of dollars into a website can be a risky move. Even then, when the site is complete you’re also faced with the learning curve to make content updates, track analytics, and diagnose bugs.

Our monthly fee covers everything you need to maintain an updated online presence.

Can I buy my site out-right?
Absolutely! We want to be as flexible as possible.

To calculate the cost of your website, choose your plan and multiply by 12. Easy! You will be required to cover hosting and domain cost, typically an additional $15 a month.

You will be required to pay a 50% deposit before development begins.

Why is the price of out-right and a monthly subscription the same price?
You clever little devil.

This is a great question. While you won’t be paying for monthly maintenace, you will require the training needed to operate your website. This will include videos and tutorials specific to your website.

What is your refund policy?
We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away and your site will come down and remain with Sparkworth ownership.
How does this compare to SquareSpace or Wix?
Both SquareSpace and Wix are excellent options. They give you the tools to build your own site and are certainly a good option for those who have the time to DIY. With Sparkworth Turnkey sites, you’re getting the quality of a custom site, like SquareSpace or Wix would offer, but you won’t lift a finger. No need to learn a new interface, buy a domain, or guess at design. Every Sparkworth site is designed to drive business specifically for authors and public speakers.

If you’re not yet convinced, let’s look at a cost comparison.

When we compare the monthly fee for SquareSpace and Wix, we’re looking at anywhere from $15-$25 dollars. Sounds like a great deal, right!? Well, there’s more to consider.

Let’s say you make around $100 an hour, on average. If you aren’t the most tech-savvy, setting up a SquareSpace could take up to 20 hours. Between choosing a template, laying out content and contact forms, and setting up your domain and hosting, your time investment can easily cost you $2,000. And that’s not including the time spent, let’s say three hours, every month tracking analytics, updating videos, and fixing bugs.

In a years time, you could spend over $5,600 and still not love your website. You could sink hours and hours of your valuable time guessing at the best way to showcase your expertise.

Or, you could use Sparkworth. One low monthly fee guarantees you’ll love your site, never touch a line of code, and remain confident in your ROI.


You have specific wants and needs. To accommodate, we offer optional add-ons to boost your new website.

+ $500/mth E-Commerce Enabled

+$500/mth/platform Social Media Management

$500/article Content Creation

$500 Logo Design

$300 Video Editing

$100/hr Design/Photo Editing/Guides/Presentation

$100/mth/email Newsletter/Email List Building

No risk. So what are you waiting for?


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