About Sparkworth

Meet Sarah Jo & Cole

We're a husband-wife duo who enjoy helping speakers almost as much as we enjoy hittin' the dance floor. We believe in strong work-ethic, intentional communication, and having fun whenever possible.
We hail from the Midwest —Columbia Missouri, to be exact— and fancy ourselves proud residents of Silicon Prairie.

As a couple, we're the perfect balance of big ideas and analytical preparation. With Sarah's experience in marketing, public speaking, and writing, and Cole's past in sales, networking, and public relations, there isn't much we can't handle.

Oh, and we're super fun. You can learn more about us below!
Cole Crawford
Sarah Jo Crawford
Hails from: Hamilton, Missouri

Skills: Communication, Video Direction, Project Management, and Positioning

Personality: ENFJ & Type 6

Meet Cole: First thing you should know is that I'm a farm kid. I grew up around cows and pastures and dangerous tools. With that in mind, you can bet your ass I'm going to approach every problem with the same "get-it-done" attitude my parents instilled in me years ago.

Second thing you should know is that while I work in the public speaking industry, my real passion is in connecting people. Connecting them to each other, to their true calling, and their inner passion. 

You'll either find me watching Netflix with Sarah, working on a house project, or hanging with my cat, Whiskey.
Hails from: Cameron, Missouri

Skills: Talking, Writing, Website Design & Development

Personality: ENFP & Type 7

Meet Sarah: While I spend 80% of my time in front of a computer talking with internet people, I really do love performing. Whether I'm working with kids at children's church or speaking on video marketing, I'm most at home with a microphone in front of my face.

I'm a big ideas girl, always buzzing with a million new projects. If you like straightforward communication and a bit of whimsy, we'll get along just fine. 

When I'm not growing Sparkworth, I'm most likely at home with my number one fan and doggo, Trigger.
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